Tran Nguyen Tuan Anh

Grade 1 - Nguyen Binh Khiem Elementary School, Ho Chi Minh

I really love using Tot-Talk 2 because it helps me to learn not only English but also Vietnamese.         

Tuan Anh’s mother: Tran Thi Kim Dung (Housewife)

I came across this product while I was going shopping in a trade center. Then, I looked for further information about the product and decided to buy it for my son.

My son and I really enjoy using this product. It is very useful for his study. Besides, I can also use the pen in order to consolidate my English. Especially, the consultants are very enthusiastic.


Truong Huy

Grade 3 - Tran Quoc Tuan  Elementary School, Ho Chi Minh

I use easy-Talk 818 to study the Family & Friends textbook every day, the voice from the machine is not only good but also teaches me very well.

Truong Huy’s mother: Tran Thi Kim Yen (Sales manager)

A friend of mine told me that the English learning machine of easy-Talk is very useful for children. Therefore, I decided to find out about this product and I was advised by the very enthusiastic consultant of the company and even a free delivery service. Although I don’t have much time to tutor my son, but since I bought the Easy- talk product for my son, he can learn by himself and always got good marks in English at school. Besides, I really like the standard and clear pronunciation of the speaker.


Nguyen Anh Tu

Grade 5 - Nguyen Binh Khiem Elementary School, Ho Chi Minh

I really like the functions of the easy- Talk machine. easy-Talk will forever be my companion.

Anh Tu’s mother: Tran Thi Thanh Phuong (Employee)

I don’t have time to guide or check my child’s homework either. Fortunately, thanks to easy-Talk machine, which helps my son so much in learning English. Thanks easy-Talk very much!


Pham Duong Nhat Hoa

Grade 3 - Nguyen Van Ba Elementary School, Ho Chi Minh

Nhat Hoa’s mother: Dương Thị Xuân (Viet Nam Manulife Salesperson)

I bought an English learning machine for my son 2 years ago when he was in grade 1.

After 3 years of usage, my son has made a great improvement in English. He always achieves 10 marks in English. The teachers at his school are very surprised when he can communicate in English very well. He learns English himself with easy-Talk at home. He doesn’t study at any language center but he still earned a place in the semi-final of the Planet Idol program and got high results in TOEIC for kids. I want to thank easy-Talk for giving my son an opportunity to listen to the standard accent of native speakers. Thanks to easy-Talk, I can save a huge amount of money.


Pham Huu An Khang

Grade 2 - Du Khanh Elementary School, Ninh Thuan

An Khang’s mother: Nguyen Phung Mai Thuy

I bought Tot-Talk 2 pen for him 2 years ago. He had logagnosia. However, since he used the pen, he has been able to talk better and especially he can speak English very well. He likes to listen to the story called “The three piglets”. Now he can tell the story by himself in English. I would like to thank easy- Talk and Tot-Talk 2. Thanks to this magical pen, logagnosia of my son is decreasing day by day.


Nguyen Duc Anh

Grade 4 - Nguyen Thai Hoc Elementary School, Dak Nong

Duc Anh's mother: Cao Thi Phuong (Teacher)

I am a teacher so I care a lot about my son’s studies. I knew about easy- Talk English learning machine via my friend. Therefore, I decided to find more information about this product and its functions. easy- Talk has a lot of functions like, lecturing, recording, dictionary, ect. Moreover, there are many English course books, which are suitable for my son at school. He likes the pen very much and considers it as his companion in his studies. Thanks to easy- Talk, my son has improved his vocabulary, felt confident in communication and he has achieved good results in the English provincial examination.