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easy-Talk comes with a 12-month warranty.  Service is provided by our local Warranty Service Centre.  You can contact our Customer Service Center or nearest distributor for any problem.

At the time of purchase, you should fill in the Warranty Card and return to the Sales Executive.  If you forget, then you must register on our website within 7 days of purchase.  To obtain warranty service, you need to show Warranty Card with enough information.

CitySmart Education & Technology Corporation (CSET) was established in December 2006 with the sole business of promoting, distributing, selling, and servicing the easy-Talk in Vietnam. We've just developed new product: Tot-Talk and  Smart-Talk. We focus on only English learning product, because we believe it is the best tool for a Vietnamese student to learn a foreign language.

In HCMC, when you order via phone or website, our delivery service is free within urban HCMC. Outside of urban HCMC, there is a small service charge. 

In other provinces, we will provide the our distributor that nearest your home. If there is no distributor in your area, delivery is performed by a Transportation Company (transportation fee is depends on your position and paid to Transportation Company). So, the delivery person will not be able to do any demonstration or training.

-   This is a new kind of electronic book in Vietnam focus to teach Vietnamese to learn foreign language, especially in English with the advantage to improve your English skill especially listening and speaking.
-   Use native speaker/ built-in dictionary (grade 1 - 12 for Vietnamese student)
-   Definition is easy for a child to understand.
-   Using easy by wireless pen interactive technology, and smart, cool look.

For the current books available, the translation to Vietnamese and the development of additional content were performed by English teachers and English expert within the Department of Education and Training. The voice recording for English was done by native speakers from the US, and the voice recording for Vietnamese was done by Vietnamese voice talents. easy-Talk is a platform for any individual or Company interested in sharing their work and talent with others for free by developing new content for books in the market.  Our company will help them convert their work into software.


easy-Talk can be used with any book in any language as long as we supported software for these books.  However, we develope English only for now. The second language is Vietnamese as our current products are designed specifically for Vietnamese. In the future, we will develope more language as: Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and other languages ...

easy-Talk is beautiful and attractive.  It is cool to carry it.  It is also self contained as the wireless pen is stored inside.  These are the reasons we don't provide a bag and encourage you to carry it openly.

The Talking Dictionary; Start with English 1 - 2; Let's Learn 1 - 3; English text book for grade 6-12; The English You Need For The Office; story books ect. At the same time, new books and reference books will be composed more and more to support customer in English study.

The one you saw in Fahasa belongs to another company.