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October 2006 marked the first appearance of CitySmart Education and Technology Corporation in Vietnam with the product brand named easy-Talk in order to bring Vietnamese students the most advanced device supporting foreign language learning. Over the past ten years of constant research and development, CitySmart has been speeding up commercial activities in the market and developing new products to satisfy the demands and desires of the customers.

Currently, main products of easy-Talk are the electronic talking pen and the electronic talking book. easy-Talk has been greatly proud to be the leading company in providing one of the most advanced educational devices in the market. Due to the broad distribution system over the country, easy-Talk has gradually become a trusted brand name to the valued customers thanks to the prominent quality and functions of the products. With the help of easy-Talk, foreign language learning will be easier and more interesting than it was before.

Different from other companies which only focus on marketing and advertising, easy-Talk has been making its attempt to build up and reinforce customer trust by launching the most advanced products in the market as follows:

  • Tot-Talk 2 – the electronic talking pen: designed for kids from kindergarten level to primary level.
  • Smart-Talk 2 – the electronic talking pen: designed for students from grade 6 – 12, college students and office staff.
  • easy-Talk 818 OFD – the electronic talking book: designed for students from grade 1 – 12.
  • easy-Talk 815 TBD, TPD and ASD – the electronic talking book: designed for students from grade 1 – 12. 

With the preeminent quality and functions, easy-Talk deserves to be the most trusted companion of Vietnamese learners in foreign language learning.